A passionate graphic designer who strives for the creative solution that responses best to every business need.

My name is Pimpojanard Prinyapatpakorn, a 24 year old Bangkok graphic designer. I’ve been working as a freelance designer since the second year of my bachelor’s degree in Griffith University, Brisbane initially just to practise what I learn from online tutorials and piles of Digital Arts magazines. From then, I have developed my love of art as well as professional mindset. My projects varied from prints, digital, illustration to information design.

Adobe illustrator and photoshop are my choices of weapons. My work focuses on how well the creative product would communicate to the end-users or the readers. I’m fascinated in branding and marketing communication. I take every design element seriously as it greatly gives the idea of what each brand identifies itself to the market.


My Master’s degree in Creative Production and Arts Management from Queensland University of Technology has equipped me with not only strong design principles but also extensive knowledge in the commercial side within the creative industries.

I also have a strong interest in photography. My very first camera was Pentax K1000, which I learned a lot from taking photos on film with all of the analog controls. Though I am not good image processing in the darkroom at all (I always screw my photographic paper with too much light – Sad), I enjoy capturing small details and communicating moments thru my eyes.

Here is one of the photos from my very first roll. Definitely had so much fun chasing this little guy at mid-day in Brisbane, one of the sunniest cities in Australia.


I’m currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. However, I have no problem working with Skype, email, travelling to client office, or just talking over a cup of coffee (I love coffee). If you would like to connect me, feel free to find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply send an email: pimpojanard.p[at]gmail[dot]com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Pimpojanard Prinyapatpakorn