What is the right timing for lead generation popup that doesn't annoy users?

Project Date

Nov-Dec, 2021

(MVT test for 4 weeks)


DirectAsia (Thailand)


Optinmonster, WordPress

Who's in the party?
My role
  • Hyposthesis and success criteria
  • UI Design
My team
  • Rujina M. – Test implementation, manage tracking, QA
In H2 2021, we invested in building organic traffic by rolling out lead nurturing content, SEO off-page optimisation and more advertorials.
The web traffic spiked, however, only 0.04% converted to lead.

How to capture more organic leads?

Sessions: 2021 vs 2020 (H2)

From the diagram, we saw that the sessions increased steadily since June. Compared to last year, there was a 54.63% growth in sessions. Nevertheless, web lead rate remains low, at avg. 0.04%.

So much traffic but minimal impact in terms of performance. Why?

Solution Finding

Imagine if you walk in crowded market, but no one buys anything.

Possible causes can be varied:

  1. You bring in wrong people
  2. Content is not relavant to the business.
  3. We don’t make enough chance to convert.
  4. We never design the journey during/after they read the article.
To find out if the issue was from these causes or not, I decided to add the lead form popup on blog posts. Please fill the form if you are looking for car insurance — we have great promo for you.
But when is the most appropriate time for the users to see this popup? I ran 2 multivariate tests to find out (2 weeks each).
People might be interested in buying from you, but there was no cashier there.

Test#1: Static banner vs 20% of page scrolled popup



  • If users really pay attention to our content, they show interest in our brand and thus have a tendency to fill in web lead form.
  • If we remind people via a pop at the middle of the article, people will have more chance to put in their info. Web lead rate is expected to increase by 5%.

Traffic Split & Other Conditions

  • 50% of ogranic traffic
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Thai users only
  • Running for 3 weeks


A (Default) – normal footer web form (below blog content)

B – Popup form with 20% page scrolled trigger


Comparing to week 0, web lead conversion grew by 133% (from 0.06% to 0.14%)

source: GA

But wait. Will it be better if you wait until user finish the reading?

Test#2: 20% of page scrolled vs 30 sec



If we adjust the trigger to the avg, time spent of page, 30sec, more users might be interested to fill in the form since it does not distract users during the read.

Traffic Split & Other Conditions

  • 50% of ogranic traffic
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Thai users only
  • Running for 1 weeks


A – Popup form with 20% page scrolled trigger

B – Popup form with 30sec time spent on page trigger

*Same creative will be used.


Comparing to prior week, The number of leads decreased by 48% and web lead rate dropped by 43%. We decided to go with 20% page scrolled. 

source: GA